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Poems what I wrote:

Daytime knowledge

The day ends the way it
Ended yesterday
With the fading of light
It's not original
But it's the only way days know
To go.


If you had never been
And I had never been either
Would it have made a difference
To anything?
Would there be a hole in the
World like the holes we feel
The spaces of the better ones
Too good to live.

Coach trip to Rome

Two months to live the doctor said
If you look after yourself.

A service station glows in the night
Like a symbol of the luck
That got us here.

The luck that lets us window shop
But never buy.
The M1 white lines and white lights and
Red moving faster and smoother
Than humans were made.

She is asleep, next to me.
The woman I could have charmed and
Loved if our stars hadn't been
Too late to cross.

31 hours and then we are there
According to this watch.

It will be nice to see the old stones
Of things that were once better
Than they are now.
It will be comforting, I think, somehow
It will help me accept
What I have to accept.

Slick cars
Smooth and fast, overtaking
Those grey and beige and sad like me
Thinking they are lucky to be young.
Not knowing luck is just
A puddle in the

The Crooked desires

This broken down
With its bads and its
Doesn't mean I can
Stop ever
The feeling I get when
I look close
Enough to feel
The dart of your
As you read
Like the words they take are already
There in my head.

The ugly giant

The ugly giant with the disgusting smell
Lives in the house by the wishing well.

He steps outside, once in a while
To show the world his ten metre smile

He tries to wash but where can he go?
The wells too small and the bucket too low.

So the ugly giant has to stand there and stink
Because he can't fit in a bath or a sink.